Sam Heughan: #MyPeakChallenge2 Trip to International Space Station

April 1st
Lots of fun!

Quantum Earth

NASA recently announced that Scottish actor Sam Heughan will travel to the International Space Station in January 2016.

The star of the Starz breakout hit, Outlander, Heughan talked space while in New York for Tartan Day events.

“To be the first Scot in space is an honor.”

“As I prepare for my trip, I hope people around the world will join me in #MyPeakChallenge2, to improve fitness and to raise funds for #BeatBloodCancer.”

“When the Scotch Whisky Association and NASA rung me up with the chance to research fitness and the effects of space on whisky at the International Space Station…WELL, those opportunities don’t land on one’s doorstep every day! ”

The 34 year old Heughan, who was described by Rolling Stone Magazine as the ‘World’s Most Photogenic Highlander Dreamboat’, is scheduled for a January 2016 launch, coinciding with a break in the filming schedule.

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