#1SamFanFollow – An Exclusive Interview

Memories …. pressed between the pages of my mind.
Memories. …sweetened through the ages just like wine.

January 2015
My week as #1SamsFanFollow

The Church of Heughanology

Sam’s @1 Fan FollowP

An exclusive Interview by Norma D

At the beginning of last week. Barbara Fraser woke up and went to work just like any other day (Yo heave ho, ugh.  Yooo heave ho, ugh).


Little did she know that her life would completely change for the next 7 days, due to an idea Sam came up with to prevent Droughtlander Dehydration –  #SamsFanFollow.   Sam picked one person that he would follow for a week, who would then pick another, and another until April 4th, when Outlander returns.  His first pick was Barbara, and the Church of Heughanology got an exclusive interview with her about her experience.

We sat down to talk while having Mimosas at the Don Cesar Resort in St. Petersburg.  I had prepared a few questions, to kick start the conversation.   Barb had just finished her reign as Queen of Outlander Fans and had…

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