Let Me Entertain You and We’ll Have a Real Good Time, Oh Yeah

Norma D’s brilliance

The Church of Heughanology



As Chief and Only High Priestess of the Church of Heughanology, it is part of my duties, to explore basics of the lifestyle (not a religion), in greater depth. One of the most vexing realities of our dogma is Starz Tease Expertise.   In the Language of Heughanology, this term was defined as follows: 


Tease Expertise: The art of revealing almost all of an area on Sam’s body, without actually showing much of anything.  This can be very difficult during high winds and rainstorms.  Starz is particularly talented in Tease Expertise.


This is not a new technique.   It is a time tested, well known tactic, to keep someone or something interested (as in the dangling carrot) in someone or something without giving away the whole garden.



Who has not looked at this picture 1,000 times and thought, “If Only the black part of the picture could be 6…

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