Wrinkled Sex

Norma D
You have outdone yourself!
I lol the entire time reading this!

The Art of Aging

Shame on me, I have avoided the subject of sex for old people for too long.  Actually, I’ve tried to avoid the subject my whole life but what happens when I retire? I start writing a blog and become Norma D, so everyone expects me to talk sex. After all, I am the original cougar!

thCLH6236ZWhat do you mean I’m too old for you! I’ve got the body of a 40 year old! I even put on my tartan bow turban to look younger!

th21SVRX2DLook at those pecs! Come here boy, I’m gonna make you a man!

thFUGS09KGYou know you want me! I’ll buy you a car! Come to mama!

It’s still commonly thought that “cougar behavior” is terrible, but this is not:

th5WF58AQHDid you bring my oxygen? I really need my oxygen. Did you bring my Viagra? I really need my Viagra.

I think it is because I don’t feel like…

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