Sam Heughan: Rugby & Fans


Rugby Nigel

Rumors abound…Scottish film star, Sam Heughan, is launching a Rugby Union Team and tryouts will begin in May 2016. Reports from Thailand,  Japan, Australia and Los Angeles hinted that Heughan, while circling the globe promoting Season 2 of the wildly popular time-travel series, Outlander, has been taking in matches and talking strategy.

Highlander game
Sam Heughan supporting Scot Highlanders on a recent trip to Australia.

Currently, Heughan is in Los Angeles on a press junket promoting the Outlander Season 2 Premier, which will be on Saturday, April 9, in the US. On March 31, he appeared on the Late, Late Show with James Corden.

“Aye, I’ve heard the rumors as well; my new Rugby Union team is The Quaich.
I have three passions in life…Rugby, whisky and Scotland. What’s better than having them all in one!”

“Fans chants would be GREAT…cause there’ll be No empty quaichs at our matches!”

“There’s great interest in team sponsorship…

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