Thank you for participating in my #Droughtlander is almost over poll!

Here are the top 5 scenes chosen in the poll.  Did your favorites make the cut?

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The top 5 favorite scenes from the poll are:

  1. I’ll be right here.  19.31%
  2. Now if you won’t walk, I shall pick you up and throw you over my shoulder.  Do you want me to do that?   18.16%
  3. When I touch you, when you lie with me, was it always so between a man and a woman?   18.16%
  4. Doesn’t it bother you that I’m not a virgin?  No, as long as it doesn’t bother you that I am.  14.48%
  5. Your mother had the sweetest smile….Claire’s smile is just as sweet.  3.45%




Outlander Returns April 4th 2015 on StarzWelcome Outlander #Fanmily!  April 4th 2015 is almost here!  It has been a long #Droughtlander but it is almost over!  Original hiatus 26 weeks or 182 days.

Below you will find lines from Outlander episodes.  See if you can identify the scene.  Then vote for your favorites.   Feel free to make comments.  The obvious favorites have not been included to be fair to other scenes and give them a chance.

Some of the scenes came from the book (brilliant mind of Diana Gabaldon).  And some scenes from the genius minds of Ron, Matt, Anne and all the writers.

List of known favorite scenes not included in poll:

  • Ye need not be scairt of me, Nor anyone here, so long as I’m with ye.
  • Wedding night (yeah all “those parts”)
  • It’s getting rather late. Perhaps we should go to bed?  To bed or to sleep?
  • Where did you learn to kiss like that? I said I was a virgin, not a monk. If I need guidance, I’ll ask.
  • Take off your shirt. I want to look at you. (You’ve got the idea)
  • I’ll never forget when I came out of the church and saw you for the first time, It was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day and suddenly the sun came out.
  • Wedding (all of it)
  • Does it ever stop? The wanting you?

This poll includes some of the other memorable scenes from Outlander on Starz first 8 episodes.

Vote as much as you want.  Poll will close on Tuesday, March 24th. Top 5 scenes will then be posted on March 25th.  Hope your favorite scenes are part of the top 5!  Have fun & spread the word!  Tweet using #BestofOutlander hashtag.

Don’t see your favorite?  Add it to the comments and I may add it!